Ozone Fort AB 66 | Anti-burglary Manual Safe | 78 Litres

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Embrace the future of security with this advanced safe, designed to protect your valuables in homes, offices, and retail spaces. Enjoy its modern design as you ensure the safety of your belongings.

Emergency Key
5-spoke Handle

Brand Ozone
Dimensions 555H x 460W x 360D mm
Lock Type Mechanical Key
Colour Black
Volume 78 Ltr.
Weight 64.34 Kg
Material Alloy Steel

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Built with tough steel for ultimate durability, this secure safe boasts a thick door and easy-to-use shooting bolts for reliable protection. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to any home.

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This high-security safe, boasting a sleek black finish and a comfortable 5-spoke handle, offers top-notch protection for your valuables. Combining peace of mind with modern design.

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Video guidance is available, and paid in-person installation services are offered for a hassle-free setup.

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This safe keeps your valuables safe with passwords codes, Additionally, a low-battery indicator with audio-visual alerts keeps you informed and in control.

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This safe keeps your valuables safe with auto-lock after wrong codes ,this safe allow you to create a personalized 4 to 8-digit code and if the batteries die, you can still access it using a USB power bank for backup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open this locker for the first time?

When the locker is sent for the first time, it arrives with the door closed. However, the safe itself is already open. Simply rotate the handle hub clockwise to open the door.

Can I install this locker on a cupboard or wall?

Yes, this locker can be installed on both cupboards and walls. Holes and fasteners are provided for installation.

How do I open the locker with the key?

This locker features a double-bit key for enhanced security. To open it, align the arrow above the key, insert the key into the lock, and turn it clockwise to open the safe.

Are there shelves inside this locker?

Yes, there is a shelf inside this locker which can be removed or adjusted as needed.

Can I select the color of this locker?

No, color selection is not available for this model. However, custom colors can be ordered with a minimum order of 300 safes.