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    Ozone Agate | Cabinet Safe | 9.2 Litres

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    Ozone Agate | Laptop Safe | 26.4 Litres

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    Ozone O-Squire | Cabinet Safe | 9 Litres

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    Ozone Sekure- 11 | Digital Safe | 15.9 Litres

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    Ozone Jade 01 | Cabinet Safe | 9.8 Litres

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    Ozone Aries | Digital Safe | 15.9 Litres

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    Ozone O-Laptop | Digital Safe | 26.7 Litres

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    Ozone Jade | Digital Safe | 26 Litres

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Hotel Safes: Keeping Your Valuables Secure on the Go


Travelling opens doors to new experiences and cultures, but it can also raise concerns about the safety of your belongings. Hotel safes offer a reliable solution for securing your valuables, providing peace of mind, and allowing you to fully enjoy your trip.

Imagine you've just landed in a bustling new city, your heart brimming with excitement for the adventure ahead. Local shops overflow with unique treasures and street performers fill the air with infectious energy. But amidst the thrill, a tiny voice whispers in the back of your mind: "Where do I keep my stuff?"

Think of it this way: hotel safes are like putting your worries on mute. You can lose yourself in the city's vibrant chaos, explore hidden alleyways, and savor delicious street food – all with the knowledge that your valuables are safe and sound, waiting for you back in your room. So, unpack your adventurous spirit, and let the hotel safe handle the security details. Your job is to soak up every amazing moment!

How Do Hotel Safes Work?

There are two main types of hotel lockers: electronic and key-operated.

A. Electronic Safes

This is the most common type today. You might be wondering “how to use a hotel safe with a keypad”. Let us answer that for you. 

They are equipped with a keypad where you can create your PIN. To secure your belongings, simply enter the passcode and close the safe door. The safe will emit a confirmation beep upon successful locking.

Digital hotel safes are the workhorses of the hotel security world! They're like fancy combination safes. Instead of a key, you have a PIN that unlocks the safe. Just punch in your code, slam the door shut, and listen for a happy little beep - that's your sign that your treasures are tucked away safely. Now, you can hit the beach, explore the city, or devour that buffet without a worry!

B. Key-operated Safes

While less frequent, some hotels may still use key-operated safes. These safes function similarly to a standard lock and key system. The key will usually be provided by the hotel staff upon check-in.

It's important to note that hotel staff also possess a master override key. This key is only used in emergencies or with the guest's permission, such as if a guest forgets their code.

Though not as common as their digital counterparts, some hotels still offer key-operated safes, adding a touch of old-school charm to your stay. These safes work just like a traditional lock and key system, providing a secure spot for your important items.

Upon checking in, the hotel staff will hand you the key to your safe. Keep it with you, as it's your ticket to accessing your valuables whenever you need them.

In case you lose your key or need assistance, don't worry! The hotel staff has a master override key. This special key is used only in emergencies or with your permission, ensuring your items are always safe.

Benefits of Using Hotel Safes

Hotel lockers offer several advantages for travellers:

A. Enhanced Security

You might be thinking, “Are hotel safes safe?” 

A hotel safe provides a significantly higher level of protection compared to leaving valuables in your suitcase or luggage. It acts as a physical barrier against theft. Even deterring opportunists who might target unattended belongings.

Picture this: you're out exploring a vibrant marketplace, lost in the sights and smells. But a nagging worry tugs at your mind - your precious valuables are back in your hotel room, just sitting there. Not ideal!

This is where hotel lockers come in as your own personal bodyguard. They're like a sturdy fortress for your treasures, placed in your room. Unlike a flimsy suitcase zipper, a hotel safe is a tough nut to crack. It acts as a major roadblock for any sneaky fingers who might be eyeing your belongings. Opportunistic thieves are more likely to bypass a secure safe and target easier pickings. So, relax, explore, and focus on the fun - the hotel safe is on guard duty!

B. Peace of Mind During Your Stay

Knowing your valuables are securely stored allows you to relax and focus on enjoying your travel experience. You won't need to constantly worry about your passport, cash, or electronics while exploring the city or participating in activities.

Imagine this: you're on vacation, ready to dive into new adventures and soak in every moment. But there's always that nagging worry in the back of your mind about your important belongings. What if something happens to your passport? What if your cash gets stolen? What about your expensive gadgets?

That's where digital hotel safes comes in. Knowing your valuables are safely tucked away means you can truly unwind. Picture yourself wandering through vibrant markets, exploring historic landmarks, or lounging by the pool without a care in the world. Your focus shifts entirely to enjoying every second of your trip.

Whether you are walking through bustling city streets, participating in thrilling activities, or simply relaxing, you don't have to constantly check your bag or look over your shoulder. Your passport, money, and electronics are all secure, freeing you to immerse yourself in the experience.

So, let go of those worries. With your valuables safely stored, you can embrace the joy of travel, making memories without the shadow of concern following you around. Your adventure awaits, and you can dive in with full confidence, knowing everything important is protected.

Using a Hotel Safe: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using a hotel safe is a very easy process:

A. Finding the Safe

When you first enter your hotel room, you might be eager to drop your bags and start exploring. But before you head out, take a moment to locate the safe where your valuables will be secure.

Hotel lockers are usually tucked away in a closet or hidden inside a cabinet, ensuring they are out of sight but still easily accessible. To find it, look for a small symbol of a safe on the closet door or cabinet. If you don't see it right away, no worries! The hotel information booklet, often found on the desk or nightstand, will have the exact location spelt out for you.

B. Setting Your Code (Electronic Safes)

Once you have located the safe, follow the on-screen instructions (if available) or consult the hotel guide for specific steps. Generally, you'll need to press a designated button to activate code entry mode. Then, create your passcode (usually between 3-6 digits) and confirm it by pressing another button. The safe will typically beep to confirm successful code programming.

C. Choosing Your Code

First, pick a code that's easy for you to recall. This isn't the place for obscure combinations that you might forget after a day of exploring. However, steer clear of obvious choices like your birthdate, anniversary, etc. These numbers are easily guessable. These are the first things someone might try if they were attempting to crack your code.

Instead, get a bit creative! Maybe use a sequence that has personal significance but isn’t immediately obvious to others—like the numbers from your favorite childhood game or the digits of a memorable address. Keep it between 3 to 6 digits to match the safe’s requirements.

Once you've chosen it, jot it down somewhere safe or commit it to memory. With a secure code in place, you can relax and fully enjoy your trip, knowing your valuables are well-protected. Happy adventuring!

D. Storing Your Valuables

Once the code is set, open the safe and place your valuables inside.

Start with your passport and travel insurance documents. These are crucial for your trip, and losing them would be a major hassle. Next, add any cash you are not carrying with you. It is always good to have some money on hand, but keeping the bulk of it in the safe is a smart move.

Got any jewellery with you? Whether it's a special necklace or your wedding ring, these precious items deserve a secure spot. Finally, don't forget your small electronics like your smartphone, camera, or any other gadgets you want to protect.

Before heading out, make sure to store your valuables in the hotel safe digital lock system for a worry-free jaunt in the city.

E. Remembering Your Code!

It's crucial to remember your chosen code. Avoid writing it down anywhere in the room. If you are concerned about forgetting, consider taking a discreet picture of the code on your phone. Store it outside the hotel's Wi-Fi network for additional security. Or consider leaving a note with a trusted friend or family member back home.

In case you forget your code, don't panic. Most hotels have procedures in place to assist guests who encounter this situation. Typically, hotel staff can be contacted, and after verifying your identity, they may be able to assist in resetting the code or using the master key to access the safe (with your permission).

Considerations When Using Hotel Safes

While hotel lockers offer significant security benefits, there are a few things to keep in mind:

A. Valuable Limits

Before you stash all your treasures in the hotel safe, there's one more thing to keep in mind: some hotels have limits on the value of items you can store there.

When you check in, it's a good idea to ask the friendly hotel staff about any restrictions. They can tell you if there's a maximum value for the safe's contents and whether your high-value items are covered.

If you have something particularly pricey, like a fancy watch or an expensive gadget, the hotel might offer extra insurance options to ensure these items are fully protected.

Getting this information upfront means you can rest easy, knowing exactly how to keep your valuables safe and sound. So, take a moment to chat with the staff, and then you can head out to enjoy your trip, worry-free!

B. Size and Capacity

When it comes to hotel lockers, one size definitely does not fit all. They come in various shapes and sizes, so it's important to think about what you're bringing along on your trip.

Before you pack, consider the items you'll want to keep secure. If you are travelling light with just a passport, some cash, and a few pieces of jewellery, a smaller safe will do the trick. However, if you’re bringing along bulkier items like a laptop or a camera, you’ll need to make sure the safe can accommodate these larger valuables.

A good tip is to check the hotel’s website or give them a quick call to inquire about the dimensions of their safes. This way, you can pack with confidence, knowing everything important will have a secure spot.

This leaves you free to enjoy your adventures without a second thought about the safety of your belongings!

C. Backup Plans

Even with a hotel safe, it's always smart to have a backup plan for your most important items. For smaller valuables like cash or travel documents, consider a few extra measures of security.

One great option is a money belt. These discreet pouches can be worn under your clothes, keeping your essentials like cash, credit cards, and your passport close and secure. It’s a simple way to keep your valuables on you, especially when you're out exploring.

Another handy tool is a portable travel safe. They are lightweight yet sturdy, providing an extra level of protection for your items.


Hotel safes are a valuable asset for any traveller. They provide a secure and convenient way to safeguard your belongings. It allows you to focus on creating lasting memories during your trip. By understanding how digital hotel safes work and following these simple steps, you can ensure your valuables remain protected throughout your stay.