Ozone Cleo Life Wi-Fi Smart Lock with 5-way access | Door Thickness: 20-65 mm

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Introducing Cleo Smart Lock, designed with a focus on reliability, this door lock ensures top-grade security while offering a hassle-free experience.

Emergency Key
Mobile App

Door Type Wooden and Metal

Door Thickness 20-65 mm

Batteries AA (4 pcs)

Lock Size 156 x 58 x 33 mm

Lock Weight 2.5 Kg

Finish Black/SC | Black/AB

Extended Services

Free Installation
No Cost EMI
Free Delivery
2 Year Warranty
Hassle-Free Returnable
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The digital smart lock can be unlocked using a fingerprint, RFID card, password as well as an emergency key for maximum convenience

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This feature can be used to hide your password from the public by entering it between sets of random numbers to ensure privacy. There are 3 combinations available, i.e.., XXXX-1234-XXXX or 1234-XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXX-1234 where the numbers represent your password and the ‘x’ is a random digit

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Remote Access

The door can be unlocked and monitored remotely using a smartphone app connected directly to the lock for easy and safe access

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Low Battery Indication

When the battery level is low an indication flashes on the screen prompting the user to charge it immediately

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Auto Secure

The smart lock has a feature that auto secures as and when shut to ensure a guarded home

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External Power Backup

In case of low battery in your digital lock, an external USB can be used to recharge the device during an emergency

The Ozone digital locks are designed to provide you with a safe haven. Suitable for wooden doors, the digital lock is enabled with a passcode and biometric technology as well as an emergency power backup to provide you with an easy and secure experience throughout

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to read operation records?

Open the OzoLife App, select the lock, and access the records.

How to associate the app user account with the lock user number?

Open the "Record" option on the lock interface in the App. Select the log record for the user in the lock that you want to link with the App user account. Click on the edit icon beside the record, choose the App user from the list, and click "Save" to confirm the changes.

User is not receiving "Remote Unlock" requests on the App or there is a delay in receiving it.

Make sure the lock is connected to a Wi-Fi network, paired with the OzoLife App, and that the internet connection is working. Ensure strong Wi-Fi signals with a signal strength greater than -60 dBm for better performance.

Unable to register fingerprint.

a) Check the fingers for dirt or wear, and inspect the fingerprint sensor on the lock for any dirt or oil stains. b) Test if the fingerprint sensor is functioning properly by pressing any fingerprint on the sensor to check for a response.

After how many incorrect password attempts will the lock go into auto-secure mode? For how long will it be in auto-secure mode?

The keypad locks for 90 seconds after five consecutive incorrect password attempts.