Best Burglary Resistant Safe for Home

Have you ever worried about your precious jewels, wallets, or keys getting misplaced? Or worst-case scenario, getting stolen? Or significant possessions such as high-priority documents, a pile of money, and accounts books becoming a victim of fire/ theft/ flood/ earthquake?

How about if we say we have the perfect companion and solution to all of this. Yes, we do – Burglary Resistant Safes. And a comprehensive range of application that makes the anti-burglary safe suitable for homes, offices, warehouses, and other commercial establishments.

Here’s a pitch for our best burglar-resistant safe for homes. And it contains the answers to all the what-ifs and buts you may have for our product.

Fire Warrior – Burglary & Fire Resistant Safe

First and foremost, this giant-sized safe weighs 270 Kgs, no way will a person or a team of two be quick enough to carry this and run. Given its vast dimensions, the chances of walking are negligible.

Moving forward, this Burglary Resistant Safe has a dual authentication mode, i.e., Password PIN Code & a computerized key. It can be operated with either method or a combination of these two. The Password PIN Code can be 4-15 digits long and has two types – User & Master. Also, it’s equipped with a digital keypad that provides a familiar and convenient way to access the anti-burglary safe.

If you’re wondering this is it, it’s just the garnishing. The whole dish is served below.

  • The safe is equipped with solid Steel Shooting Bolts to secure the Door in place with Vault Style Door and Hinges and is ideal for areas prone to fire. Once reserved, it won’t even allow air to pass through it. 
  • The safe maintains the inner temperature at less than 118°C, even when exposed to a flame of 1030°C for an hour. 
  • It is customizable with an inside adjustable shelf. So you are in authority to decide how much space you want in every partition. 
  • High-Security Emergency Key: Forgetting passwords is no big deal. With Ozone’s Burglary Resistant Safe, you can operate it through a key if you have forgotten your password. This computerized Emergency key is hard to duplicate, hence adding to its security.
  • Apart from that, the safe comes with a low-battery indicator, an external USB port for emergency power back-up, Auto-freeze mode on consecutive wrong PIN attempts, and a robust body with improved reliability for further protection.
  • Certifications: UL Fire Rated, Conform to UL Test Standards. It ticks off the last bit of worries you may have. We are not just claiming that this is the best safe; we have documents to prove our point. 

 Yes, that is all that you get and more. In addition, ozone provides 24 months warranty against manufacturing defects to all the products from the date of purchase. Apart from this, we have installation and demo videos for the products for you to understand better how to proceed and operate them in the coming times.

The product's finish makes it easy for you to place it in any corner of the house; it'll seamlessly just bend in with the interiors.

This is all facts and talks. How about we give you a live demonstration of the product and help you settle it in at your desired location?

Get in touch with us to book appointments/visits. We'll be looking forward to serving you.

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