Buy the Best Jewellery Safe Locker for Home Online in India

There is no shortage of brands that offer safety & security to your valuables. However, when it narrows down to certain specifications & requirements, some are left behind in the race.

As a result, not all products available around you will be the best choice to store your precious valuables, such as jewelry and documents.

Jewellery Safe Locker for Home

Finding the perfect jewelry locker might be tedious for many, especially when ample choices are available. That is why we are here to pitch for the ‘Safilo Bio-1 – the best jewelry locker for homes.’

We Indians love precious jewels. There’s no denying that. We have it all, be it rings, chains, earrings, or any other adorable ornament. And as per Statista, the theft rate in ornaments in 2020, there were over 873 theft cases per 100,000 inhabitants reported in the union territory of Delhi in India, followed by Haryana and Mizoram with over 70 and 56 cases per 100 thousand people in the states, respectively, which implies that thieves adore ornaments.

Why should you invest in ‘Safilo Bio – 1’ by Ozone?

First & foremost, the size and shape of this locker make it ideal for a family unit to store their cash, jewelry, & documents. It’s so handy that it can easily fit in your drawers & cupboards and seamlessly blends into your interiors when kept in the open. The safe acts as a theft deterrent featuring a stainless steel structure and 2 steel shooting bolts, which grants additional protection.

The safe is equipped with an inside removable shelf to provide better access to keep things separately. And before you think, what if something is wrong with the shelf at the time of delivery?

Ozone offers 24 months warranty on manufacturing default from the date of purchase.

It comes with a multi-authentication mode that lets you operate the locker with a biometric, password PIN code & a key for emergencies. Additionally, there’s a master PIN code to let you change PINs and have a superiority. 

You must be wondering what more comes in the package, so allow us to walk you through them.

  • Touch Screen Digital Keypad: Sounds familiar? That is the whole purpose, to provide convenience and familiarity simultaneously. Also, it lets you see the numbers and the buttons are spaced far apart to ensure that re-entering of Password PIN code or overlapping of digits doesn’t happen.
  • High-Security Emergency Key: Humans tend to forget things. This ensures that you can operate the safe even if you have forgotten your Password PIN code. 
  • Multiple User Access: The safe can be operated through Fingerprint, Password, and a combination of a Fingerprint and User Password. Remember, 3-8 digits User Password is mandatory. 
  • Multiple Fingerprint ID: You are not the only one who needs access to the jewelry locker? Well, the locker can register up to 29 fingerprints at a time. 
  • Password Retention: Password is retained even after batteries are removed/ changed. 
  • Auto-Secure Mode: Worry about potential theft or break-in? This jewelry locker for home can deactivate the keypad and activate the alarm on three consecutive incorrect password attempts. And not a beep or short warning, but a 20-second beeping sound that is enough to alert the users.
  • External Power Option: Running out of battery is not an option. Charge your locker through the External USB Battery Backup option available.

The safe has appealing features and is thoughtfully curated and built to represent elegance with simplicity. It has all and more qualities that one might look for when finding the perfect jewelry locker for home. And with Ozone, you never have to worry about fake or below standard products.

Get your safe shipped directly from us, or find a list of our nearest certified retailers and distributors around you to get yours today.