Ozone Tusker 11 NXT | Digital Safe | 16 Litres

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This safe locker is tailored for your home, ensuring the safety of your valuables without breaking the bank. It is available in different size variants to suit your specific needs and caters to various storage requirements. This locker for home is affordable and has a stylish black colour, seamlessly blending into your home decor.

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Brand Ozone
Dimensions 250H x 350W x 250D mm
Colour Black
Volume 16 Ltr.
Weight 9.5 Kg
Material Alloy Steel

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Made from high-grade solid steel, our safe locker is a fortress for your belongings. The interior features a carpeted floor, cradling your treasures in comfort and protection from damage.

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Effortless Access- The safe locker has a user-friendly Digital Keypad, a cool LED Display, and a spin-tastic Rotating Knob. Just tap, twist, and voila! Access made simple and stylish.

"No fumbling in the dark! This safe has an internal LED light which turns on automatically when you open it, and the high-quality steel bolts keep your valuables extra secure."

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This safe secures valuables with a 3-8 digit password and auto-locks after failed entries. An external USB charging port ensures convenient access, even if the battery has depleted.

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Keep your valuables safe at home with this affordable black safe! Choose from different sizes to fit your needs, all at a price that won't break the bank..

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many digits can I set for the password and RFID card on this locker?

You can set a 3 to 8 digit password. This locker is non-motorized, meaning once the password is fully registered, it remains unchanged until you decide to modify it.

Can I suggest this locker for a hotel project?

No, this locker cannot be recommended for hotel projects because it lacks a motorized system and does not offer an audit trail option necessary for hotels to track opening records.

Is there a shelf inside this locker?

Yes, there is a removable shelf inside this locker.

First time how do I set my password?

With the door open, enter the default user code (1234), then press #. The display will prompt you to enter a new code. After entering the new code, press # again, and the display will show "INTO," confirming that the code has been successfully changed.

Incidentally, I have forgotten my user password, then how do I open the locker?

If you forget your user code, you can still open the locker using the master password, which you can also change according to your preference.