Ozone Safilo Bio- Z Pro | Biometric Safe | 34.94 Litres

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With its advanced digital features, this safe is well-suited for securing valuable items in homes, offices, and retail spaces. Enjoy the convenience of keyless access and a modern design to protect your valuable assets.

Emergency Key

Brand Ozone
Dimensions 250H x 455W x 375D mm
Lock Type Biometric
Colour Black
Volume 34.94 Ltr.
Weight 12.4 Kg
Material Alloy Steel

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Combination Locking System

Accessible either by password or biometrics, the security system is built to keep your belongings safe at all times. The two systems can be used separately or combined, in which case a combination of the two will be required to open the safe.  The user can access the safe with a four-to-eight-digit passcode

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External Battery Back-up

The safe is operated by batteries. In the case of the batteries dying, there is an option of external battery backup until you replace the existing one inside the safe

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Dual password (User+Master)

The home safe has an inbuilt user code system where the user code or master code can be used to unlock it. The system is foolproof and only the party that sets the code, opens the safe

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Auto Freeze Mode

To keep your belongings secure, the auto freeze mode in the safe gets activated when the wrong user code is entered four times in a row and stays frozen for 5 minutes before the user can try again

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Emergency Keys

The safe locker is provided with two sets of master override keys to open the locker in case of an emergency such as forgetting your password

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Low Battery Indicator

When the battery level is low, an indication flashes on the screen prompting the user to charge it immediately

Ideal for the storage of cash, jewellery, passports, and other legal documents, this safe can serve as a multipurpose home locker for your valuables. It comes with a digital keypad, LED screen, and an emergency key to open it in case you forget the password for access

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open this locker for the first time?

When the locker is first sent, it arrives in a closed position with its accessories inside and the keys outside. Therefore, initially, you need to use the key to open it.

How do I insert the batteries in the locker for the first time?

Ensure the locker is in the open position, locate the battery box on the back panel of the door, remove the cover, and insert 4 pieces of 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries into the battery box.

How many digits password and fingerprints can I set on this locker?

You can set a 4 to 8 digit password and store up to 30 fingerprints in this locker.

Can I open the locker only with a password or fingerprint?

Yes, you can open the locker using either a password or a fingerprint.

Is there an option in this locker to open using both methods?

Yes, you can combine the password and fingerprint to open the locker, which is a unique feature offered by Ozone.