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Smart Locks

Experience the next level of home security with our Smart Locks.

Ditch the key juggle – your phone, fingerprint, or a simple password is all you need for seamless access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Night Latch and Privacy Lock?

Night Latch can only be opened through manual operation from inside the door; whereas Privacy Lock can be opened through admin.

What is Anti-theft password or Password Scramble?

During door opening, you can add digits along with your right password for hiding the password from unknown.

What is Smart Freeze?

In case of four consecutive wrong password attempts, the keypad goes freeze for 60 seconds.

What is Auto-Secure alarm?

In case of four consecutive wrong password attempts, the locks creates an alarm.

What do you mean by Audit Trail and what does it do?

It is a feature for checking the door opening records of 6 months duration.

What is Privacy Locking?

It is a feature to prohibit entry from the outside and to restrict access into the premises. Privacy Locking can be unlocked through admin rights.

Describe Passage Mode

This feature can be utilized during high footfall, occasions/events. It is to be used for putting the lock in unlocking condition for making it access mode free for the guests.