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Digital Safes

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  • 25%

    Ozone Safilo Bio- 2 | Biometric Safe | 55 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 15,669
    Sale price Rs. 15,669 Regular price Rs. 20,890


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  • 18%

    Ozone Bas i10 | Digital Safe | 7.9 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 5,133
    Sale price Rs. 5,133 Regular price Rs. 6,260
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  • 18%
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    Ozone Agate | Cabinet Safe | 9.2 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 5,945
    Sale price Rs. 5,945 Regular price Rs. 7,250


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  • 30%

    Ozone Tusker 10 NXT | Cabinet Safe | 9.2 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 5,593
    Sale price Rs. 5,593 Regular price Rs. 7,990


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  • 30%

    Ozone Tusker 11 NXT | Digital Safe | 16 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 6,825
    Sale price Rs. 6,825 Regular price Rs. 9,750


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  • 30%

    Ozone Tusker 33 NXT | Digital Safe | 35 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 9,783
    Sale price Rs. 9,783 Regular price Rs. 13,976


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  • 65%

    Ozone Sekure- 11 | Digital Safe | 15.9 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 7,001
    Sale price Rs. 7,001 Regular price Rs. 19,997
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  • 30%

    Ozone OES Bas NXT | Digital Safe | 16.11 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 5,313
    Sale price Rs. 5,313 Regular price Rs. 7,590


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  • 25%

    Ozone Eco-BB-77 | Multi-purpose Safe | 95.4 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 17,978
    Sale price Rs. 17,978 Regular price Rs. 23,970
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  • 45%

    Ozone Acura 11 Life | Wi-Fi Safe | 30 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 16,494
    Sale price Rs. 16,494 Regular price Rs. 29,990


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  • 25%

    Ozone Safilo Digital- 11 | Digital Safe | 15.94 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 8,093
    Sale price Rs. 8,093 Regular price Rs. 10,790


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  • 28%

    Ozone Safilo Bio- 1 | Biometric Safe | 40 Litres

    Regular price Rs. 14,249
    Sale price Rs. 14,249 Regular price Rs. 19,790


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Digital Safes

Regular safes have been around for a long time, but digital safes are a better way to secure valuables.

In today's fast-paced world, the need for secure storage solutions has become very important. Traditional lockers are making way for digital ones. They are more secure and easier to use, and they let you manage their access.

Types of Safes

Digital Safes

They feature a keypad where you enter a PIN to unlock. These lockers offer user-friendly access without the need for a key. They come with an emergency key in case you forget your PIN.

Biometric Safes

They use fingerprint recognition for access. These lockers are highly secure, allowing only authorised fingerprints to unlock them.

Wi-Fi Safes

They can be managed using a mobile app connected to Wi-Fi. You will receive alerts if someone tries to open the safe without permission. You can also share access through the app.

Manual Safes

They use a key or a combination of keys to unlock. These lockers operate without batteries or electricity, making them very easy to use.

Available in different sizes

One of the best things about our lockers is their incredible variety. Whether you're looking for something small or large, our safe lockers are available in different sizes.

Extra Small

Our extra small safes are typically between 1 and 5 litres in size, weighing from 1 to 2 kilograms. They're light and portable so they can be moved as needed.


Our small safes typically range from 5 to 10 litres in size and weigh between 3 and 11 kilograms, making them compact and easy to install.


Our medium safes typically range in size from 15.5 to 30 litres. Because of their size, these lockers are generally lighter, weighing between 9 and 13 kilograms.


Our large safes typically range from 35 to 55 litres in size and weigh between 12 and 25 kilograms. Because of their huge size, you can store several important items inside the safe.

Extra Large

Our extra-large safes come in different sizes, with 67 to 417 litres storage capacities. You can fit a lot of valuables inside. They also vary in weight, from 64 to 525 kilograms.

Ideal places to keep your locker


Secure personal valuables, important documents, jewellery, cash, and more for your day-to-day usage


Protect important documents, financial records, and petty cash.


Safeguard daily cash earnings, customer data, and official documents.


Offer guests a secure spot for valuables, enhancing their stay experience.

Things to keep inside your locker


A safe is a secure place to store valuable jewellery, protecting it from theft. Ozone safe lockers also have a break-in alarm that notifies users if it is being tampered with.


Storing cash in a safe protects it from theft and provides convenient access when needed. Some lockers come with removable shelves, allowing you to adjust the space as needed. 


Small safe lockers can be great for storing important documents such as passports, birth certificates, deeds, etc to avoid damage.

Electronic Gadgets

Gadgets like tablets, cameras, and external hard drives can be safely stored in a small safe to protect them from theft, damage, or getting misplaced.

Other Important Items

You can also safely store other valuables, like collectibles or antiques.

Lockers with high-security features

Anti-burglary Safes

These are designed to be extremely tough, making them difficult for thieves to break into. Some models can alert users via a mobile app if tampered with.

Waterproof Safes

These protect your items from water damage during floods, leaks, or other water-related incidents. They are suitable for areas where floods are common.

Fire-resistant Safes

These keep your important items safe from extreme heat and fires. They can withstand temperatures up to 1030 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

The best place to install your locker

These tijoris can be installed in several places. Here are some of the best ones:


These are made to fit inside a drawer, keeping items within reach yet protected. They are portable and can be moved as needed.

Under Counter

These are ideal for office use, fitting discreetly under a counter or desk.


These are easy to access yet hidden, offering convenience and security.


These are installed directly into a wall, often hidden behind a picture frame or inside a closet, making them less obvious to potential thieves.


These are installed on the floor and covered, providing high security and making them difficult to locate. They can also be bolted to the floor, reducing the chances of theft.

Ready to take control of your security? We have a wide range of lockers in different sizes and styles to suit your preferences. Take a look at our collection today and find the locker that matches your needs the best!