Ozone Smart Furniture Lock with Fingerprint & Key Access | For Wooden/Metal Cabinets & Wardrobes

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This lock is a must-have addition to your furniture. With its robust build, it ensures the protection of your precious belongings.

Emergency Key

Brand Ozone
Door Type Wooden and Metal | Swing
Door Thickness 0.8-18 mm
Application Drawer, Cabinet, and Wardrobe
Batteries AAA (2 pcs)

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1 Year Warranty


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Biometric Activation

The digital lock has fingerprint access with a storage capacity of two admin and eight user biometric data

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Low Battery Indicator

When the battery level is low an indication flashes on the screen prompting the user to charge it immediately

Personal Mode

The Ozone lock can only be opened using the registered fingerprints for your safety and security

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Emergency Key

The lock comes with an emergency key which can be used in case of an emergency like low battery, forgotten password, etc. ensuring that the user has accessibility

Lock Application and Capacity

The Ozone Lock has a capacity of 10,000 operations and is compatible with metal drawers, wardrobes, and cabinets

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Auto Alarm

The lock has an alarm for safety which is automatically activated after 4 consecutive wrong fingerprint inputs

The Ozone digital furniture locks are designed to provide you with a safe haven. Suitable for metal cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers, the electronic lock is enabled with biometric technology and auto-alarm technology to give you an easy and secure experience throughout. It also can store two admin and eight user fingerprint data in its system

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty for this digital furniture lock?

The warranty for this lock, suitable for wooden and metal doors, is one year.

How do I insert batteries into the lock for the first time?

Ensure the locker is open, then locate the battery box on the door's back panel. Remove the cover, insert two 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries, and replace the cover.

How many digits can I set for the password on this lock?

You can set a 4 to 15-digit password on this non-motorized locker, with the settings remaining unchanged once fully registered.

Can I recommend this lock for a gym or swimming pool?

Yes, this lock, which operates in public and personal modes, is suitable for swimming pools and gyms.

Is there a shelf inside this locker?

No, due to its small size and top-opening door, this locker does not have a shelf. It can be placed in a drawer, on the floor, or on a side table.