Ozone Smart Furniture Lock with 3-way Access | For Wooden & Metal Cabinets & Drawers

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This furniture lock is an essential component for maintaining the privacy and security of your personal items in your homes and offices.


Brand Ozone
Door Type Wooden and Metal | Swing
Door Thickness 0.8-25 mm
Application Drawer, Cabinet, and Wardrobe
Batteries AA (4 pcs)

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Digital Keypad

The digital door lock comes with a feather-touch electronic panel with user access to a 4-15 digit password and a semiconductor fingerprint reader for your convenience

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Low Battery Indicator

Once your battery to the smart biometric lock dies down, an indication of low battery flashes on the screen and you can change it immediately

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External Power Backup

In case of a low battery in your digital lock, an external USB can be used to recharge the device during an emergency

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Personal and Public Mode

The personal mode can be enabled when you want the password to remain the same at all times (in homes, etc...), while the public mode option can be used (in hotels, gyms, etc...), to allow customers to enter their specific password during their time of use

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Anti-Theft Technology

This feature can be used to hide your password from the public by entering it in between sets of random numbers to ensure privacy. There are 3 combinations available, i.e., XXXX-1234-XXXX or 1234-XXXX-XXXX or XXXX-XXXX-1234 where the numbers represent your password and the ‘x’ is a random digit

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Dual Password

The electronic lock can be enrolled with two sets of passwords - the user and master code - if needed. The master code can be used to override the user password in case of emergencies

The Ozone digital furniture locks are designed to provide you with a safe haven. Suitable for wooden cabinets, wardrobes, and doors, the electronic lock is enabled with both private and public mode, semiconductor fingerprint technology, and anti-theft technology to give you an easy and secure experience where ever you go. It also can store two management and eight user biometric data in its system

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this lock on my wardrobe?

Yes, this lock is designed for furniture. You can install it in cupboards, cabinets, and metal cabinets.

How do I insert the batteries into the lock for the first time?

To insert batteries for the first time, make sure the locker is open. Locate the battery box on the back panel of the door, remove the cover, insert 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (2 pcs), and then replace the cover.

How many digits can I set for the password on this lock?

You can set a password with 4 to 15 digits on this lock, which is motorized.

Can I recommend this lock for a gym or swimming pool?

Yes, we recommend this lock for swimming pools and gyms as it operates in two modes: public and personal.

Is there also a master password option on this lock?

Yes, there is one user password and one master password available.