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Ozone OZ-FDL-33 LIFE SLN Narrow Style Smart Door Lock with 5-way Access | For Wooden & Metal Doors (Black)

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Automation is the buzzword, especially in the post COVID world. Everyone is moving towards digitalization, and locks are no exception. Ozone, a leading player in the Secutech & Architectural hardware industry, takes pride in offering an extensive collection of automated and sensor locks with varied closing mechanisms to offer the best customer experience. The intelligent lock range comes with multi authentication modes, i.e., Password, Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor, numerical code locks, and Ozolife app for advanced secure access to any space.

The lock range ensures maximum security at any given time, and the combination of access codes makes it convenient for hotels, homes, offices, and any other commercial establishment. In addition, it comes with an external USB port for emergency battery backup.

The locks are designed and timely updated with the latest technological advancements and can maintain data of previous openings. Furthermore, the locks come with an auto-freeze mode when incorrect passwords are attempted in a row. The objective is to provide a well-suited passage at any corner to the consumers