Why your home needs a Small locker?

Did you know that, as reported by Statista, around 24000 robberies happened in 2021 in India involving wallets, phones, and tablets? Since they are an easy target both inside and outside the home, most stolen items are never recovered. Also, the drawer or bag you thought was enough to protect your valuables; apparently, it isn’t. And that is precisely where small lockers for home step in.

What are we talking about?

We are talking about saving your precious time from scrambling to locate your daily valuables like keys, documents, wallet, jewelry, cash, etc. And prevent the risk of misplacing them or the potential risk of theft/ burglary. 

Unfortunately, you cannot control what happens around you, though you can be a step ahead by being cautious. After all, we’ve all come across the saying, “prevention is better than cure;” now is the time to implement it as well. So switch to the best and safest option available – Digital Lockers by Ozone – for home and office use.

Ozone, a leading player in the Secutech & Architectural hardware industry, takes pride in offering an extensive collection of Digital Lockers with varied closing mechanisms to offer the best customer experience.

Let us walk you through the features of  Small Safe Locker one by one:

  • Compact in size: The small dimensions make it easy to carry around and do not occupy much space. It can easily fit in your cupboards, drawers, cabinets, and closets and is the correct size for your keys, documents, wallet, jewelry, cash, etc.
  • Dual authentication mode:Having options is always better. Here, you have two ways to access the locker, i.e., password PIN code & emergency key, making it the perfect fit for the fast-moving world. 
  • Digital screen panel:Convenience is the prime factor that matters to us. When everything is getting digitized, why should lockers be any exception? Also, number buttons are spaced far apart to prevent PIN code re-entering or overlapping digits.
  • Fake PIN function:Could you feel someone peeking while entering your PIN? Here’s the solution. Type anything random at the start and end of the actual password, and the safe will recognize it. if your PIN is 764252, you can type 35625764252990, and the safe will recognize the correct sequence.
  • External Battery Backup Provision:It is a machine that, similar to any device, requires a battery to function that may drain out if not recharged/ replaced on time. So, an external USB port for battery backup is available in the lockers. 
  • In addition to that, you can always use the key provided to open the locker at any given time.
  • High-Security Emergency Key: Sometimes, you may forget the PIN combination, which is normal. That is why a unique high-security emergency key is created to help you out in such situations. And yes, you can always use the mechanical key provided to you.
  • Metal Body:It is made from the same material and thickness as traditional safes to prevent threats, keep valuables secure, and entrust the consumers’ confidence.  
  • 24 Months Warranty:It is provided by Ozone from the date of purchase on any manufacturing defect that may occur in the future. 
  • Low Battery Indicator:Keep forgetting if the battery is enough or requires charging? Leave that to your lockers. With an Alarm alert in case of low battery, they are smart enough to let you know before time. 

 Why do you need a small locker in your home?

Again, to keep your valuables safe and ensure lasting peace of mind. Let us break it down for you. The sheer incident of being robbed of something precious can be damaging and leave you feeling unsafe & violated for a long time. It may even put your life at risk, which may be the worst-case scenario. 

Picture this: You are on vacation with your loved ones, or maybe just with your own company. Now, do you want to enjoy the holiday or constantly worry about the possessions you have back at home? Documents, jewelry, credit cards, etc. No, right?

The thing is, is it worth mentioning that these lockers can prevent all that may go south? 

People live life on the go, and our small lockers for home are designed to support the same thought. We want to ensure that you know that your valuables are safe and secure from any unforeseen circumstance, and enjoy the day as it follows. The end purpose is to create the peace that will last a lifetime. 

And, do not worry that it’ll occupy space or may not blend in with the interiors. It can safely sit in your cupboards or drawers and is designed to complement the interiors seamlessly.

Choose what fits your requirements the best, and you are good to go!