Why Ozone Safilo Bio-1 is the Best Jewellery Locker for Home?

Jewellery Lockers in today’s day-and-age are trending with the increase in popularity of smart devices at home that helps you keep your valuables close to you as well as safe. With easy access to day-to-day or party wear jewellery and other vital items & documents, the life of the user becomes much simpler and convenient.

The Safes are no more following the traditional design that may not be able to provide the level of protection one might need. In the growing times, the Safes have evolved too. The modern Digital Safes come with an abundance of upgrades and features that make them an ideal addition to your home.

They don’t only provide high-level security but also can be customized according to your needs. The variety of products available can be used in your cupboard, mounted on the wall, kept out on the table, or simply just be placed within a room depending on your space availability. 

Things to Consider while Buying Jewellery Safe -

But while making this decision, one must take into account the multiple factors that elevate the usage and experience: 

  • Size: A safe’s size is a principal factor as it affects its storage as well as its aesthetics. The look of the room changes with every item placed in it, and with an important thing like a safe, this point becomes pertinent to be kept in mind. Ensuring what you need to store and the location of the safe will help in making your decision easier.
  • Features: There is a large scale of advancement in the technologies that are available in the market. One must make sure to get the best out of the lot. Features like Biometrics, User Pins, Emergency Keys, and more help in upping the security game for your benefit.
  • Water and Fireproof: While the main purpose of a safe is to protect it from theft, it must also protect the vital items from fire and water damage and help in maintaining their value. 

 Safilo Bio-1 Jwellery Safe - 

Ozone has a wide range of home safes that helps in creating a secure and stress-free environment for its users. One of our most elegant safe for a home to secure your jewellery and other valuables is Safilo Bio – 1

This Ozone Safety Solution has abundant features and a design that makes it ideal for storing multiple files, cash, and jewellery that one needs to protect. It comes with a 24 months warranty from the manufacturer starting from the day of purchase.  

Its advanced technologies like the Fingerprint feature with User PIN Access helps in creating more personalized accessibility of the safe making it more secure and harder to break into. The touch screen digital panel provides convenience and familiarity for the users. 

The Auto Secure / Freeze Mode activates an alarm after 3 consecutive incorrect attempts adding a layer of security for your valuables. The scratch-resistant powder-coated surface and heavy-duty steel body provide a pleasing look, further increasing the protection. 

Other Features: 

  • Password Retention: PIN Code is retained even after batteries are removed
  • Convenience Features: Interior with LED lights for greater illumination; as well as on digital keypad
  • External Power Option: External battery power option available
  • High-Security Emergency Key: Ensures that you can still operate the safe even if you have forgotten your PIN

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 Digital Safes come with a wide range of options with different features and highlighting making sure to meet every kind of need a user might have. The host of benefits one gets with having a digital safe at home is backed up by the additional security one can get with the modern and technologically advanced features. 

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