5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Fire-resistant Safe

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Fire-resistant Safe

A lot of people work very hard to accumulate wealth and valuable possessions over time. It would be devastating to lose the items- you have worked so hard to acquire- to theft or also fire. Consider buying a high-security burglar fire safe for the protection of your valuable assets. The benefits derived from the fire-resistant safe are well worth the investment. Burglar fire safes double the level of protection for your valuable items, even if they may not be of interest to the burglars but are at risk of fire.

As children, while preparing how to deal with adversities we were taught that we should take with us only what could fit in our hands when an emergency occurred. A favorite toy or a blanket, if we were lucky enough to get our hands on anything at all. We only knew that we had to get to safety as soon as possible.

Entering adulthood, the idea of taking things with us during an emergency suddenly shifted to a responsibility. It was not a question like “What 3 things would you grab in a fire?” No if and when. The question became, “What’s your contingency plan if a fire breaks out? Are all your documents and possessions secured?”

The ideal answer to that question is “Yes, they’re in the safe” or “Yes, they’re safe and sound" or "Yes, they’re locked away.”  But are they locked away in a safe that ensures that they won’t get destroyed? A lot of the safes available on the market protect the materials inside from damage and theft. Whereas, fire-resistant safes will protect your precious possessions from heat and smoke damage for an hour or two at a high temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

The safe could resist fire but the materials used to build it might be thinner hence, can be easily sawn through. That implies they are highly likely to be breached.

Most fires are accidents, and without fault, although the damage and impact could be devastating. Staying ahead of them is the best way you can counter them or limit the extent of the damage at most.

Traditional safes usually protect your important items from theft, not fire. So, when shopping for a fire-resistant safe, consider these factors:

  • Size of the safe
  • Buy a roomy fire-resistant safe so it can hold almost all of your valuables. Just be careful that you don’t end up with a safe that takes up more space than it needs to. So, grab a cardboard box, put all your valuables in it, and see if it lifts. Use boxes of different sizes until you find one that can fit all your precious items. Once you find the ideal size, measure its dimensions. This will give you an idea of the desired interior space. But mull over the fact that you will be putting more items and documents in the safe as time goes by.

  • Material used
  • Safes are mainly made from titanium and tin. They may be protected from theft but could be vulnerable to fire. It is important to pay attention to what material the safe is made of. On the other hand, fire-resistant safes are made of steel and insulating materials like gypsum, concrete, etc. These materials are poor conductors of heat and therefore cool down more quickly.

  • UL rating
  • Check the safe’s security rating to find the one that fits all your security and safety needs. It indicates how long the safe can withstand fire and prevents things in the safe from burning. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating is the internal temperature of a safe over a defined period. The UL rating is calculated in degrees Fahrenheit per hour.

  • What purpose does it serve? 
  • You need to be clear about the purpose of purchasing a fire-resistant safe. These are mainly divided into two categories:

    1. Fire-resistant safes for data- usually, data is stored on CDs, DVDs, USBs, etc. They are more likely to be damaged more quickly than paper. So, they require a higher level of protection.
    1. Fire-resistant safes for paper- these are designed to store and protect important paper-based documents. For example, contracts, share certificates, property deeds, etc.
    1. Where will it get installed?

    Generally, a safe gets installed in a discreet corner of the home. And these may be hidden in the form of furniture safes, and so on. When installing a safe, make sure it is protected from sunlight and moisture. Prolonged contact with either can damage the product.

    Fire-resistant safes are designed to meet all your security needs. They have more than one type of locking mechanism so in case you forget one, you have a backup for others. Locking mechanisms such as user password, and high-security emergency key. The burglar alarm system raises an alarm in the scenario of unauthorized access.

    Rather than depending on a traditional safe that's just "built strong", go for the one that’s built tough, and up-to-date so that it can secure your valuable assets. The best approach is to do thorough research and make sure that whatever you buy fits all your protection needs.

    Do not settle with the cheapest safe you find, it will cost you more than money in the long run when it fails to protect your precious items.

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