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Protect your home effectively with a door lock for a secured entrance and a safe for safeguarding valuables, ensuring peace of mind.

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Sekure- 11 Digital Safe

  • This safe can be accessed in 2 ways: with a User or Master Password, or with an Emergency Key for manual access.

  • The safe has a digital keypad with an LED screen, ensuring convenient access and a premium finish.

  • Low-battery Indicator- The safe triggers an audio-visual alarm when the battery runs low.

  • External Battery Backup- If the battery is completely drained, the users can connect the safe to an external battery (power bank) through a USB cable.


Cleo Life Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • Register up to 100 Fingerprints, Passwords, and RFID cards. The lock connects seamlessly with a Mobile App and comes with an Emergency Key for manual access.

  • Auto-locking- It ensures that the door is automatically locked once the door is closed.

  • Dual Combination Mode- Activate this mode to grant access using any 2 access modes.

  • Smart Freeze Mode activates after a few wrong password attempts, temporarily suspending access. After this, the Auto-secure Alarm alerts users via a Mobile App about unauthorised access attempts.

  • Audit Trail- The last unlocking records can be tracked using this feature.

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