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This smart combo is designed to make your life easier and more secure. Schedule your appliances with the smart plug, keep an eye on your home with the smart camera, and unlock your door remotely with the door lock.

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Cleo Life Wi-Fi Smart Lock

  • Register up to 100 Fingerprints, Passwords, and RFID cards. The lock connects seamlessly with a Mobile App and comes with an Emergency Key for manual access.

  • Auto-locking- It ensures that the door is automatically locked once the door is closed.

  • Dual Combination Mode- Activate this mode to grant access using any 2 access modes.

  • Smart Freeze Mode activates after a few wrong password attempts, temporarily suspending access. After this, the Auto-secure Alarm alerts users via a Mobile App about unauthorised access attempts.

  • Audit Trail- The last unlocking records can be tracked using this feature.


Smart Indoor Positional Camera

  • 360° View: The camera captures a full view of its surroundings without leaving any blind spots.

  • Two-way Communication: This device facilitates conversations with the visitors at your doorstep.

  • Motion Detection and Tracking: The device has a sensor that can detect when there is movement in front of it. It quickly sends notifications or alerts to the connected device when it senses motion.

  • Infra-red Night Vision: This feature allows the camera to capture video in low or no-light conditions by using infrared LED lights. IR night vision is essential for 24/7 surveillance.

  • Google Nest and Alexa Echo Show: This device works with both Google Nest and Alexa Echo Show, allowing you to control it with voice commands through these smart systems.


16A Smart Plug

  • Energy Monitoring: Tracks how much power your devices use.

  • Voice Control: You can give voice commands to the smart plug.

  • Set Schedules & Timer: This allows you to set schedules to turn the plug on and off for a specific duration.

  • Global Remote Access: Control the smart plug from anywhere, anytime using the OzoLife App via the internet.


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