Why Ozone is the best door locks brand in India?

If we are talking factually – with striking global presence & recognition, Ozone has constantly provided innovative security solutions for architects, builders, specifiers, and homeowners. Be it the most durable or highly secured intelligent door locks, Ozone manufactures everything you might need for your upcoming expedition.

The best part is that the smart door lock range can be operated through your mobile phone and does not require a physical key.

And if we are talking in terms of application – not only can you monitor, track, and examine your space, you can be rest assured that you and your loved ones are safe & sound. That said, peace & harmony of mind come unsaid with our door locks. So what we are implying here is that the utmost level of comfort is provided to our customers when they purchase from us.

How important are the door locks in India?

People spend lakhs on their residential and commercial buildings, paying extra attention to the area's interiors and security. But, as fond as you may be of conventional architecture, you cannot ignore the finesse that digitalization can add to it.

Contemporary is the most sought-after term in this era with which elegant looks, high-security aspects, ease of use, & convenient features at low cost combine to be a perfect fit. That is where we step in.

We are manufacturing products in the security segment and paving the way to Digital India. All we do and have is the epitome of convenience and feasibility on clients' and our end.

Our intelligent door lock range can equip any door with RF/ID card locks, Biometric & Numerical code locks, and proximity locks for advanced secure access to any space. The lock range ensures maximum security at any given time, and the combination of access codes makes it convenient for hotels, homes, offices, and any other commercial establishment.

  • 5-in-1 authentication modes

The locks are equipped with multi-authentication modes, i.e., Password, Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor, numerical code locks, Ozolife app, and physical key for advanced secure access to a space. It makes the lock fast and an apt choice in this digitally progressive era with varied options.

  • Dual combination locks

If you feel that single access is not working out for your place, you can make it dual access lock, which means that a combination of either mode will be required to access the lock.

  • Digital keypad

If everything is growing fast, why locks be any exception? This provides easy and familiar usability and makes it convenient for the upcoming generation.

  • Activity monitoring

No one stays home 24*7, but the security can. It allows users to watch who and what passes through their doorstep when they are away or not keeping a watch on their podiums.

  • Visitor access

Our combination of passwords should always remain a mystery, but what about the moments when a guest arrives, and you are not there to let them in? With Ozone’s door lock range, you can provide the guests with a one-time password for convenient passage.

  • Data maintenance

The lock is capable of maintaining records of previous openings.

  • Low-Battery indication

Do you ever worry about missing out on battery change? The lock can indicate the user in case of a low battery through the alarm.

  • External battery backup

Even if a user misses out on the low battery indication, there’s an in-built external USB port to allow them to recharge the batteries through cable/ power banks.

  • 24 months warranty

It is provided by Ozone from the date of purchase on any manufacturing defect that may occur in the future.

  • User-manual videos

Most of the time, the locks do not need authorized service personnel to visit the location and install it for the customer. Through the pool of videos available on our YouTube channel, one can easily do it themselves. Given the COVID situation, it works best in reducing one-to-one contact.

  • 24*7 customer service

Ozone’s customer service is readily available to guide its customers on every process and concern for any assistance a customer might need.

In the end, it all narrows down to how they vary in terms of their working mechanism, sturdiness, reliability, appearance, and ease of use. So whether it’s for your main door, internal door, office, or any building, you know you are using the best available technology with Ozone.

Smooth functioning and infrangible door locks in India are in huge demand. Ozone continues to update its offerings with the latest advancements to meet every customer's requirement.

Furthermore, the added privacy and sense of security that come unsaid always add a feather upon the company’s hat.